How Olympians Turn Gold Into Green

How do Olympic athletes turn their medals into moolah.

Americans Charlie White and Meryl Davis won the first-ever U.S. gold in Olympic ice dancing on Monday, and today Fox Business Network reporter Sandra Smith is dishing on how the athletes can turn their medal into moolah.

"It's all about the endorsement deals," said Smith, who considers White and Davis to be "extremely marketable." "It means commercials, book deals -- it could mean a lot of things."

Snow boarder Sage Kotsenburg and hockey player T.J. Oshie could also cash big checks from advertisers.

"These Olympic gold medals turn into a lot of green," said Smith. "Scott Hamilton's made about $30 million since winning his Olympic gold medal. Kristie Yamaguchi and Brian Boitano have each made about $18 million."

Winning gold can also propel athletes into a new career. Watch the video to see how ET helped turn an Olympic skater's broadcasting dreams into a reality.