Arsenio Hall Responds to Brian Williams' Apology

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Arsenio Hall reacts to Brian Williams' apology.

Late-night talk show host Arsenio Hall spoke exclusively to ET to address NBC News anchor Brian Williams' apology to him after being excluded from Williams' video montage of late-night hosts.

Hall states, "I saw an opportunity to have some fun and I'm a fan of Brian Williams. I've seen Brian on some of the late-night talk shows, he's a funny guy and he handled it in the exact way I thought he would, with humor. I think we both had some fun and my friends from Russia called me, they saw the story. So I got a whole lot more out of it than some laughs in this room and, one day I hope he'll come on this show."

He goes on to say, "For me, the greatest thing in the world is I'm a comedian so I can handle all problems different than a politician, different than a gang member, different than a gangster. I can handle it as a humorist and that always works. I think the spirit in which I verbally stepped to Brian set the tone of just having fun."