Cindy Crawford Reveals 'Shocking' George Clooney Bed Incident

Cindy Crawford dishes on the origin of the infamous tequila commercial featuring her and George Clooney in bed together.

ET's Mary Hart recently sat down with Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber when the talk turned to their close relationship with George Clooney, and the supermodel revealed that there's actually a shred of truth to their viral commercial together for Gerber and Clooney's Casamigos Tequila, in which she and Clooney are in bed together!

"I woke up at like midnight with the kids sandwiched on either side…and I snuck into the guest room and I saw Rande laying face down on the bed with the lights still on and I was like 'Wow, they really drank a lot if he still has his clothes on,'" she recalled. "So, I get on the bed and I'm like 'Babe, you got to wake up' and babe turns his head and it wasn't [Rande], it was George. I was shocked! We were both so shocked."

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Crawford also revealed that Gerber and Clooney are so close that they wanted to share a house together in Cabo, Mexico!

"They wanted one big house and I was like, 'We have kids, George, is sometimes single, sometimes not single, and it could be great, but it could be a nightmare,'" Crawford said.

Video: Clooney & Crawford Bed Hop in Tequila Ad

She eventually put her foot down and insisted on two separate houses next door to each other.