Paula Deen Eating 'Way Too Much' Since Scandal

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About a year ago, Paula Deen was revealing some of her secrets to losing more than 40 pounds. But a few months later, the butter-loving celebrity chef was facing a scandal sparked by her admission in a court deposition that she had used the N-word in her past. Deen recently returned to the public stage and is opening up about her rocky 2013, during which she sometimes turned to food for comfort.

"I made eight cakes in six days," the 67-year-old celebrity chef tells People magazine about dealing with the scandal that led to her losing her contract with Food Network as well as several other lucrative endorsement deals.

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While Deen clarified that she "didn't eat all those cakes," she did admit that she was indulging more in the wake of her professional difficulties. "I have been eating way too much lately and I have to get back on [a healthy diet] again," she told the magazine.

But Deen -- who announced in January 2012 that she had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes -- said that overall she's in good health. "My last blood work, my [blood sugar level] was 5.4 percent, and my blood pressure is 120 over 70."

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