Throwback Thursday! Cate Has a Biscuit Commercial!


Twenty years prior to Cate Blanchett's second big Oscar win this past Sunday, the Blue Jasmine star was still an unknown Australian actress selling biscuits.

In 1994, Blanchett starred in a Tim Tam commercial. In the ad, the actress and her male co-star find a mysterious lamp that houses a genie. The genie offers them three wishes of which Blanchett responds, "A packet of Time Tams that never runs out."

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As for the other wishes, her co-star says, "Then we'll have two more of those."

In her Oscars speech on Sunday, the 44-year-old starlet thanked her fellow Aussie actors. "And finally, I would like to thank every single member of the Sydney Theatre Company, one of the great theater companies in the world. For me, working on Blue Jasmine, it was a real synthesis of my work in the theater and on film. And not only working with you for the last six years has been the most enormous privilege of my career but it’s made me a better actress. There is so much talent in Australia."