Bieber's Hostile & Bizarre Deposition


During a deposition on March 6, Justin Bieber was questioned for more than four hours in a process that went from contentious to bizarre.

In the deposition, Bieber is trying to beat charges that he is responsible for a member of his security team allegedly assaulting a paparazzo. With it being his first deposition, the 20-year-old pop star may not have answered every question to his lawyer's satisfaction.

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At one point Bieber says that he doesn't have a prescription Xanax, which he tested positive for after his January DUI arrest. Bieber's lawyer cut in immediately after his response, instructing the singer to give pause before answering so that he has time to object if need be.

Later, Bieber took his lawyer's advice, avoiding questions and even firing back with a few of his own.

"What kind of question is that?" Bieber said when asked if he'd ever "disciplined" his security team. "Is he my son?" Bieber quipped.

Bieber's combativeness eventually turned to mockery, comparing the prosecuting attorney to Katie Couric.

"It seems like a 60 Minutes interview," Bieber quipped.

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