Inside President Obama's Funny or Die Video


ET's Brooke Anderson sat down with Funny or Die director Scott Aukerman to discuss the video everyone is talking about -- the wildly popular Between Two Ferns episode featuring President Barack Obama.

Aukerman reveals that the Obama administration approached them explaining, "The White House came to us [because] they really wanted to get the word out about the Affordable Care Act and they were looking for interesting ways to do it. I don't think there's any more interesting way than doing a small, really weird internet show." He goes on to say, "[The White House was] really hands off about the whole thing and they really wanted it to be like a normal episode of Between Two Ferns, which means Zach insulting [President Obama] and [the episode] getting really strange. They fully embraced that."

WATCH: 'Between Two Ferns' With President Obama

Aukerman, who directs all episodes of Between Two Ferns, divulges that President Obama was fully prepared for the improvisational style of the show, "We shot [the episode] the way we always shoot them, where it's very experimental and anything can kind of happen. [President Obama is a] really funny guy. I mean we've had some really funny people on the show but there's just something magnetic about him when he gets on screen ... [President Obama] definitely had a lot of slams that he wanted to inflict upon [host] Zach [Galifianakis]. He was ready. He was locked and loaded."

Tune in to ET tonight for more reveals from the shoot!