Author Spills Secrets of NY's Most Exclusive Pad


With apartments that cost $30,000 a month to rent, Fifteen Central Park West has attracted some of the most powerful dignitaries in the world, and author Michael Gross dished to ET's Rob Marciano about some of the secrets contained inside that building's walls.

Denzel Washington, Kelsey Grammer and Sting are just some of the celebrities that call this address home, and Gross (author of House of Outrageous Fortune: Fifteen Central Park West, the World's Most Powerful Address) explained the building's appeal.

"It's the first full block that has become a luxury building in New York in a very long time and likely the last," said Gross. "It has perfect position. It's right over Central Park. It's right over Columbus Circle, so it's beautifully positioned."

While most of the building's inhabitants lead quiet home lives (Denzel is a favorite among the building's staff) others have been more troublesome.

"Alex Rodriguez was a one-man school for scandal for that building," said Gross.

A-Rod is said to have rented at Fifteen Central Park West for a few years, but no longer lives there. While he may have left the residence, his legend continues there, as Gross said that the staff couldn't wait to give up stories about the Major League Baseball player.

"He had girls in and out all the time," said Gross. "He was full of himself -- disdainful -- and then there were the hookers."

Click the video for more. House of Outrageous Fortune is available now.

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