Courtney Bingham Shows How to Drink Like a Rocker


Motley Crue bassist and songwriter Nikki Sixx is tying the knot with fiancee Courtney Bingham in a dream wedding this weekend, and Courtney gave ET's Brooke Anderson a sneak peek at what will be on the drink menu for the couple's nuptials.

In the video, Brooke is treated to a specialty martini, made with marshmallow and cotton candy liqueur.

Although Courtney has become a How 2 Girl expert on everything fabulous that you can DIY on a dime, even she needed help with the event, going to her aunt's boutique Janene's Bridal for assistance, while Connie Armijo of SRC Event Group was tapped to cater the event, and provide drink inspiration.

Connie joked that the idea for the cotton candy martini came to them after "about 400 cocktails at The Peninsula Hotel."

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After the wedding the party continues, as Motley Crue will launch their final tour this summer.

Watch the video for more.