Andre Leon Talley 'Devastated' by Scott's Death


Vogue's Andre Leon Talley opens up about the death of L'Wren Scott.

The death of Mick Jagger's girlfriend, celebrity designer L'Wren Scott, sent shock waves through the fashion world and longtime style guru Andre Leon Talley opened up to ET exclusively on Tuesday about his feelings on her apparent suicide.

"This is a huge shock, I mean there are no words that I can articulate because I feel I've lost a friend," said Talley, former Vogue Contributing Editor and Zappos Artistic Director. "She worked hard all her life. It's a sad, sad thing. I am devastated." He added: "You could never see a more glamorous fashion designer."

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Talley -- who said that he normally communicated via email, revealed that he had dinner with Scott last year in her Paris apartment. He said there was "never a moment" when he thought she had suffered from depression. "I know she was very proud because she had a fragrance that was launched at Barneys. She was so proud of that fragrance."

Talley also spoke about the relationship Scott had with Jagger and the rock star's children. 

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"Mick was very supportive of her and I think they had a loving relationship. They spent all the holidays together." He added: "Their relationship I always think was a very warm, loving, giving and supporting bond relationship. He was always at her fashion shows. She was like a surrogate mother to all of Mick's rainbow tribes of children. She's very, very nurturing, even to Mick."

Talley called her a "glamorous fashion designer" who inspired  others in the industry. "Her manners and the way she treated people was the most inspiring thing about her. She inspired me, she was so caring and so giving, and so generous to all her friends."

Talley said Scott's designs stemmed from her own life experiences and "her own dreams about who she was," a very confident woman." But in addition to her professional talent, Talley also praised her as a kind human being. "She was very, very, very caring about all her friends, that was the great thing about L'Wren."