Jimmy Kimmel Snaps Selfie With The Clintons


Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is gunning for the prize of "most retweeted selfie" by snapping this great shot with the former first family.

During the Oscars earlier this month, comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres made history, and reportedly broke Twitter, by snapping a selfie with a cadre of A-liters in the awards show audience.

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Kimmel tweeted the pic, featuring himself surrounded by former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and their daughter Chelsea.

Kimmel tweeted:

The selfie was taken after the Jimmy Kimmel Live host had interviewed the Clintons at the Clinton Global Initiative University.

Unfortunately for Kimmel, the pic isn't getting the same traction as Ellen's. It's only been retweeted around 8,000 times, while Ellen's legendary star-studded selfie was retweeted a staggering 3.4 million times.

For those who didn't see the selfie that started this Twitter challenge, here is Ellen's pic during the Oscars, technically taken by Bradley Cooper.