Shotgun Weddings: Hollywood's New Trend?


Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian are just some of the big names in Hollywood that are choosing motherhood before marriage.

Leigh Blickley of The Huffington Post has been following all of the potential shotgun weddings of the stars, and she gave her take on each one.

As this will mark her second wedding, Blickley predicts that Scarlett Johansson will wait to say "I do."

"She's in no rush," said Blilckley. "I think she's going to take her time."

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Similarly, Jessica Simpson has taken her time before heading to the chapel, as she's had two children before her ceremony.

"We will totally see Jessica Simpson get married this year," said Blickley. "She was very open with the fact that these were surprise pregnancies."

But who provided the best example of a shotgun wedding? Watch the video to find out.