'Dynasty' Star Kate O'Mara Dies At 74

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actress Kate O'Mara passed Sunday morning at the age of 74.

Perhaps best known as Joan Collins' character's scheming sister Cassandra Morrell (better known as Caress) on the '80s primetime drama, the British actress' TV work also includes the role of the evil renegade The Rani, a recurring Dr. Who villain from the late '80s. O'Mara was often cast to play sensual and seductive women with a dark side, or devious intentions, which she delivered with unmatched charm.

Her acting career began at the age of 24 when she landed a role in the stage adaptation of the Shakespearean drama The Merchant of Venice. She soon broke into television, and reveled in Hammer horror films. She also appeared on the shows Absolutely Fabulous, The Brothers, Triangle and Howards' Way.

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Later in life she returned to the stage, most recently appearing in a production of Death on the Nile, based on the mystery novel by Agatha Christie.

O'Mara passed away in a nursing home in Sussex, England after a short illness, confirmed her agent, Phil Belfield.