ET NOW: Roseanne Returns To TV, Olivia Returns To Stage


In your ET Now, Roseanne Barr is back on primetime television, while Olivia Newton John is back to performing.

First up, the 61-year-old actress will guest star on Will Arnett's CBS sitcom The Millers, and ET was on set for Roseanne's "exciting" and "hilarious" return to TV.

Fun fact, The Millers is taped on the same stage as Roseanne, the actress' Emmy-winning series. This time, Roseanne will take on the role of guest star Andy Richter's overbearing mother.  "The memories are here for me ...and I'm expecting Sarah Gilbert to come over, because she works on this lot too," she said of her former on-screen daughter.

The Millers airs tonight, April 3, on CBS.

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Meanwhile, Olivia is gearing up for her Las Vegas show! The 65-year-old Grease star will be filling Donnie and Marie Osmond's shoes at the Flamingo Hotel, but does she gamble? "I may get into it. This could be dangerous," said the actress/singer. Olivia's residency begins next week.

Which comeback are you more likely to watch: Roseanne on The Millers, or Olivia in Vegas?