'Growing Pains' Star Talks Life After Stardom


After starring in the hit TV series Growing Pains, Jeremy Miller went through some pain in his own life, and he shared his story of addiction to recovery in a sit-down with Brooke Anderson.

"I'm glad I did not own a gun, because I hated myself so thoroughly that I would have done something very stupid," said Miller, admitting that there were nights where he could have come close to attempting suicide.

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According to Miller, he was already drinking by age 4. When the show ended, he started binge drinking. Miller described his darkest days to Brooke, saying, "I'd rush immediately to the liquor store to get something -- usually two or three cans of high-gravity malt liquor and then by noon I'd be working on a pint of whatever I decided to buy -- bourbon, vodka. By the evening I'd be working on another."

His actions eventually affected his family.

"My boys were afraid of me," said Miller.

Now, Miller says he's lost the desire to drink thanks to an anti-alcoholism drug injected under his skin containing Naltrexone. The implant treatment is not FDA approved and the cost is about $25,000 all together with counseling and life therapy.

Miller is now a patient advocate at the Start Fresh Recovery clinic in Santa Ana, California.