Kirstie Alley Weighs in on Valerie Bertinelli's Weight Gain 'Shame'


Famous Jenny Craig spokeswoman Valerie Bertinelli revealed last week that she felt "shame" for putting on a few extra pounds after paparazzi photos captured her out-and-about. So ET's Rob Marciano went to the newly re-signed face of Jenny Craig, Kirstie Alley, who weighed in on the weight loss controversy!   

"First of all, I happen to know that Valerie gained that weight back
because she broke her foot, and she wasn't able to work out," Kirstie told Rob via linkup from New York about Valerie putting back on some of the 40 pounds she lost back in 2012."

VIDEO: Kirstie Alley on TV's Plus-Size Actresses

The star of TV Land's comedy Kirstie added: "And like I said, everybody falls, it's a lifetime. It's almost like if you expected to get married on a Monday, and then have nothing ever happen in your marriage. It's the beginning of something. But life is a continuum, and we have ups and downs... But she broke her ankle! I don't think she should have to justify anything." 

Kirstie seemed to dismiss all the recent publicity surrounding Valerie's weight gain. "Well, I think if shaming people for weight gain is the biggest problem we have in our life, then we need to get better lives, bigger lives."

Watch the video for more, including Kirstie's view on the differences between how men and women criticize the female form.

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