Kelly Osbourne Takes Over NYC


Kelly Osbourne got one of the warmest welcomes New York City has ever thrown yesterday when she walked into Times Square and her face was everywhere!

"I can't believe that almost half of the billboards in Times Square are pictures of me," Osbourne tweeted.

The Fashion Police star, known for her balanced lifestyle, was in the Big Apple to celebrate the launch of Wheat Thins Popped with over 400 balloons on a stage built in the heart of NYC.

"With help from social media -- people are going to be tweeting #PoppedWheatThins -- we're going to pop each balloon up there," said Osbourne.

The 29-year-old actress continued, saying, "I love Wheat Thins Popped, because it's a sensible, smart choice for a snack when I'm on the go."

Watch the video to see Osbourne's special manicure she had done in honor of the launch!

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