How Tori Spelling Found Out About Husband's Cheating


Tori Spelling is letting cameras roll on one of the most difficult times of her life -- her husband Dean McDermott's cheating scandal.

Tori goes into detail about how she found out about her husband's infidelity on the upcoming docu-series True Tori, airing on Lifetime next Tuesday.

"I got a call from my publicist and she said, 'I just want to tell you something. It's a girl and she's claiming that she had an affair with Dean in Toronto when he was there. The girl has come forward. She's put her name to the story. She's giving all the details about her two-day affair with your husband in Toronto, and it's going to come out next week-Christmas,'" Tori said in an advance clip of the show.

Tori told Us Magazine that she "doesn't know if [her] marriage can be saved."

Us Magazine Deputy News Editor Rachel Teitelbaum sat down with ET's Nancy O'Dell, giving her take on the situation.

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"At this point, after speaking with Tori, I'm not sure [if their marriage can be saved]," Rachel said. "She's definitely not sure. She's seeing how this goes."

Rachel went on to suspect that Tori went public with her husband's infidelity so that she could "take it into her own hands and tell the world what is going on through her words."

According to Rachel, Tori has said that she hasn't been intimate with Dean since learning of the affair.