Marlon Wayans' Haunted Hollywood Bus Tour


In honor of his latest film, A Haunted House 2, Marlon Wayans took over a Haunted Hollywood bus tour full of scary movie fans.

First up, the location for the movie Clueless in Beverly Hills, dubbed the Witch House.

"It looks like something that Papa Smurf would live in," said Marlon.

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Next stops included the grave site of Marilyn Monroe, the death site of John Belushi and the haunted mansion of silent film legend Rudolph Valentino.

"He was really good to the neighbors," Marlon joked of Rudolph. "The neighbors were like, 'I never complain!' because he had silent parties."

After being a good sport all day, Marlon drew the line at the site where Charles Manson murdered Sharon Tate.

"I think it's time to go," said Marlon.

A Haunted House 2 opens April 18.