Nick Lachey And Lindt Chocolate Team Up To Raise Autism Awareness


The month of April has long served as Autism Awareness Month, and in an effort to further the goals and aspirations of Autism awareness, singer and producer Nick Lachey has teamed up with the iconic Swiss chocolatier Lindt to raise money for the cause.

"Well Lindt is now in its sixth year of supporting Autism Speaks and they have a fantastic campaign where we're auctioning off ceramic [gold] bunnies," Lachey told ET. "[They] have been signed by nearly 100 celebrities, athletes, musicians, actors. Everyone from Tom Brady, Jay Leno, myself, Harrison Ford. Just a fantastic list of people who have been gracious enough to sign these."

Nick kicked off the fifth Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction, helping to raise funds for Autism Speaks, the largest autism advocacy organization in America. Along with raising funds through the auction, Lindt donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the iconic Lindt gold bunny, a gold-wrapped chocolate treat, the only bunny that gives back. Through Easter, Lindt donated 10 cents to Autism Speaks for every chocolate Lindt gold bunny purchased, up to $100,000.

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"I have a younger brother who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. He was diagnosed at seven and so I've seen firsthand his struggles with learning and with socialization. You know we're very, very proud of him. He's so courageous and he's really been an inspiration our family but it is a struggle and the numbers are just staggering… The new research that shows that 1 in 68 kids will be diagnosed with Autism so it's something that's affecting so many people out there and nearly everyone, if not personally having an experience with it, knows someone who is. So clearly there's a need for more research," Lachey said. "A need for more answers for more information and this is a great way to try and generate that."

The auction ended April 14, however more information about Autism Speaks can be found here.