ET FIRST: Michelle Obama Talks Kids & Social Media


ET's own Rocsi Diaz caught up with First Lady Michelle Obama at the 136th White House Easter Egg Roll and talked about her stance on the use of social media by her daughters Sasha and Malia.

"Just in this short period of time that we've been in the White House, the means, the mode and means of communication has changed so drastically and it's important to keep up because you have to go where people are," she revealed to Rocsi.  "We've tried to use Twitter and all this stuff in a fun, exciting way. Being able to do stuff with [NBA superstar] Lebron [James] and the [NBA's Miami] Heat and making people laugh, we know that that's a good way to get people first to pay attention, and once they're paying attention, then you can deliver a message."

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The First Lady went on to tell Rocsi that even though most teenagers use social media, her two daughters do not. "They don't need to be exposed to all that is out there. [President Barack Obama and I are] trying to keep them as normal as possible and sort of disconnected and disaffected…You know what they say, normal kids, if they jumped off of the side of a cliff would you go too? There's some things we're just try to keep them away from.  Pretty soon Malia will be in college [and] she'll be able to do all that stuff."

While discussing the popularity of the selfies that President Obama and
Vice President Joe Biden have taken, she added,  "I think it's
more they're responding to the demands of folks. As you can see, we're
out here, we're having a good time here at the White House, we party

For more of Rocsi's interview with the First Lady, including her thoughts on the just-announced pregnancy of Chelsea Clinton, tune in to Monday's Entertainment Tonight!