Julia Louis-Dreyfus Seduced By a Clown! (PHOTO)

GQ Magazine

After going nude on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, Julia Louis-Dreyfus strips down yet again for GQ magazine. Is this her silliest/sexiest shoot yet?

At age 53, the Emmy winner is seen in the nude in a sexual embrace with a clown!

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"When you lose your moral center, it’s easy to get pi**ed off," the actress said of her Veep character, politician Selena Meyer. "Selina has been eaten by the machine, but also, she is the machine. She’s a mangled, bloodied, pulpy working mess.”

But don't go comparing Julia to her hilarious HBO character just yet. "I don't have a s**t-ton of baggage. There's not some grotesque, dark thing."

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What do you think of Julia's recent GQ image? Is it too racy or really funny?