Exclusive: Debbie Rowe Introduces Her Fiance & Shows Off the Ring!


Debbie Rowe became an instant celebrity when she married the King of Pop Michael Jackson in November of 1996 and later bore two of the late superstar's children, Paris and Prince Michael. Now she's engaged to be married again and ET's Rob Marciano recently sat down with Debbie to get an introduction to her fiancé, Marc Schaffel, and an update on her wedding plans!

The 55-year-old Debbie was excited to talk about her engagement and also
proud to show off her exquisite ring, "He put a ring on it!" The
interview took place at Debbie's sprawling horse ranch outside of Los Angeles.

When asked whether the late pop star would approve of Marc as her new husband, she replied, "I do, I do. Yeah, he just wants people happy -- that was always his goal, to make people happy -- to change their life and make them happy."

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Debbie said Marc certainly has similarities to Michael, but there are also obvious differences. "He can't sing, he can't dance," she jokes. When Rob suggests that Marc can certainly put a glove on, he responds, "depends." Debbie then laughs and adds, "Don't ask the impossible."

Watch the video for more, including footage of Debbie at home caring for the horses and for an update on a recent serious health scare.

And on Friday's Entertainment Tonight, you'll see Debbie on the set directing her first music video starring Belgian music star Ian Thomas!