V. Stiviano Breaks Her Silence on Sterling Scandal (Video)

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V. Stiviano breaks her silence on the Donald Sterling scandal, plus clarifies their relationship.

The center of the Donald Sterling Clippers scandal, 31-year-old V. Stiviano, spoke to ABC's Barbara Walters Friday, breaking the silence on her relationship with the disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner and the audio recording that leaked last week that led to Sterling being banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 million.

In the recording, Sterling, 80, tells Stiviano not to post photos of herself with black people or to bring black friends to the Clippers game.

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Stiviano told Walters that Sterling, who reportedly canceled interviews Friday with both Walters and CNN's Anderson Cooper, currently feels "very alone" and is "emotionally traumatized" by recent events.

"I think he can't even believe or understand sometimes the things he says, and I think he's hurt by it. He's hurting right now," she said.

When asked point black if Sterling was racist, Stiviano said, "No, I don't believe it in my heart."

As for speculation on the nature of their relationship, Stiviano, 31, said that she was Sterling's "personal assistant," though she was also paid "off the books."

"I'm Mr. Sterling's everything. I'm his confidant, his best friend, his silly rabbit," she smiled.

But is she in love with him?

"No, I love him like a father figure," she said.

And what's the biggest misconception about her?

"That I'm a mistress or a whore," she put bluntly.

Check out the videos below to hear from Stiviano herself.

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