When NASA needs help, R2D2 is the only one who can save the day.


May 4 is always a special day for sci-fi lovers. It's the day of the year where Star Wars fans the world over can deliver the now-beloved pun, "May the fourth be with you."

And NASA has created their own video, celebrating the time-honored Star Wars day, and they get some special help from the fan-favorite R2D2.

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When NASA's communications array on the International Space Station malfunctions, only the adorable white and blue bucket of bolts R2D2 can fly up to the orbiting station and successfully restore the astronauts' ability to deliver their special message.

It's a cute video for Star Wars fans the world over, and a good opportunity for NASA to get a whole new generation of young kids, who may be new to the magical world of Star Wars, interested in science and aeronautics.

For more information on NASA and the International Space Station, visit your local NASA Visitors Center or check the Agency out online, here.