Candy Spelling Opens Up About Tori's Recent Hospitalization


Tori Spelling has had her life displayed in the tabloids a lot recently. From her husband Dean McDermott cheating, to their sex issues, to her recent hospitalization, the actress has had quite a difficult past few months.

While she has been sharing her real story on her Lifetime reality series True Tori, ET has a look at the mother-of-four’s truth through the eyes of her mother, Candy.

“It's very difficult. when you see a child sick, when you see her in the hospital, with tubes in her arms, that's scary for any parent to see,” the 68-year-old revealed to ET about her daughter’s six-day hospitalization in late April. “She was totally dehydrated. She wasn’t eating. She's very thin. It's just that Tori doesn’t eat if she's stressed.”

Candy said she even helped feed Tori during her recent hospital stay.

“I was feeding her pudding one night, and she's going, ‘Oh Mommy, I'm so glad that you’re here,’” the 68-year-old said. “I love when she calls me Mommy, because it's always a good thing.”

But her life is more than Tori. In fact, she has a new memoir, Candy at Last, in stores May 6th. In the book, she shares what it was like living amongst some of LA’s most fascinating people, opens up about her marriage to late-husband Aaron Spelling, and what really went on with her family while her mega-Hollywood producer husband was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

In addition to a published author, Candy can also put successful Broadway producer on her resume. Her latest show, After Midnight, earning seven Tony nominations, and is her fourth Tony-nominated production. Her three previous works include: Promises, Promises, How to Succeed in Business, and Nice Work If You Can Get It.

Check out the video above to see more of Candy Spelling’s story, including never-before-told details about her last moments with Aaron.