Jenny McCarthy: Donnie Wahlberg Is the Love of My Life

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg talk wedding plans.

ET recently got Donnie Wahlberg, 44, to interview his fiancée Jenny McCarthy, 41, about her new book Stirring the Pot: My Recipe for Getting What You Want Out of Life, and the two ended up dishing about their upcoming wedding!

Though McCarthy is well-known for being candid when it comes to her personal life, Wahlberg shared that The View host is in fact "shy" in real-life and that despite his Wahlburgers reality show, their wedding will not be televised.

Video: Jenny McCarthy Drops Surprise Engagement News on 'The View'

"The revolution will not be televised, nor will this wedding I don't think," he said.

"We don't know when. We're kind of just floating in the 'I'm your fiancé' kind of fun in it," McCarthy explained. "There's no rush. We've done it before. We know it will happen. I think it's just a matter of our schedules."

But though McCarthy is tight-lipped about the wedding, she says her new book doesn't shy away from her embarrassing moments.

"Through my anecdotal ridiculous things that happened to me in my life, I kind of put them in recipe form," she shared about the concept of her new book. "And you know, there are tidbits that are embarrassing, things that I share with people, but I feel like the more open and honest you are about your life, the more people can learn through your experiences."

Though one thing is clear from their joint interview -- Wahlberg and McCarthy are completely smitten with one another.

"Someone said to me, 'You have to be so happy, everything's going great.' And it really is," she said. "... And I've really implemented this year those 'stop' moments where I go, 'God, thank you so much for health -- number one -- my son, falling in love with the love of my life. I can't even imagine living my life without him."

Check out the video to see Wahlberg's sweet reaction to Jenny's declaration!

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McCarthy's new book Stirring the Pot: My Recipe for Getting What You Want Out of Life is out now.