ET Top 5: Cutest Celebrity Mommy Moment Countdown!


Just because these famous mamas are always on the go juggling their careers doesn't mean they don't spend quality time with their kids.  And these celebrity moms can’t help but share how much they love their little ones!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re counting down our top five cutest celebrity mommy moments.

Former Disney darling, Hillary Duff comes in at number five. Whether it’s spending time at the park with her two-year-old son Luca or just capturing his adorable giggle fits on camera, the blonde beauty shares it all on Instagram. And with a son that cute … it’s no wonder she’s such a proud mama!

At number four is Jessica Simpson. The mother-of-two loves to post snapshots of her and 2-year-old daughter Maxwell dressing a-like but she never leaves out taking pics of 10-month-old son Acute Knute. 

Music diva Mariah Carey comes in at number three. Having 3-year-old twins might seem like a challenge but the singer seems to do it all and in heels. Monroe and Morocco look just like their pretty parents and seem to have fun playing with their kids. For Easter, Mariah dressed just like her daughter.

Check out this video to see what pop superstar came in at number 2 and who got our number one stop on the list!