Celebrity Tweet Round-Up: Mothers' Day Edition


Celebrities love their mothers just like everyone else. And, like most people, they express that love by screaming on top of the mountain known at Twitter.

So bask in the residual love for all the world's moms with these adorable celebrity Mothers' Day tweets!

Zac Efron, whose movie Neighbors is dominating the box-office this weekend, took the time to send his mom some kind words.

While Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of how good her mom looked, even after pregnancy.

Willow Smith had some more ethereal wishes for her mom, actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

And Nick Cannon thanked his wife Mariah Carey for the gift of his young children.

While Zooey tweeted out a pic with her, her mom, and her sister Emily, who stars on the FOX drama Bones.

Meanwhile Kerry Washington couldn't contain her enthusiasm for the holiday!

And, of course, Justin Bieber threw some love his mom's way with these kind words.

Today, people all around the world thanks their mothers for all their hard work, love, and affection, and ET wishes all the mothers around the globe a very happy Mothers' Day.

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