Why You Must Watch Steve Buscemi's 'Park Bench' (VIDEO)


Steve Buscemi is leaving the boardwalk for a park bench, and fans are guaranteed to see a different side of the diverse actor.

The Boardwalk Empire star is hosting a "new kind of talking show" called Park Bench on AOL that includes hilarious and insightful conversations with his famous friends. A New York native, Buscemi created the show from inception, and not only has a mix of beloved celebrities pop in (Chris Rock included), but he also chats with people on the street (or shall we say people on the bench) about pop culture and current events.

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Ultimately, it's a look at the 56-year-old's "unique relationship with New York and its array of one-of-a-kind characters."

"We just came up with this idea to just do a whole series where we talk to people on a park bench. And then it kind of grew out of that. We don’t stay on the park bench, but that was just the starting point. I find park benches very relaxing, and it’s easy to talk to people when you're sitting in a relaxed atmosphere," Buscemi told Entertainment Weekly of the web series.

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He added of filming, "The whole thing was sort of, can sometimes be surreal, and some of the things that people brought to it were unexpected."

What would you talk to Buscemi about on a park bench?