Was Solange's Blowup Due to Sibling Rivalry?


How much did sibling rivalry play a part in Solange's elevator attack on Jay Z? We dug into our ET vault for clues.

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In a 2008 interview with ET, Solange joked that she wasn't related to Beyonce when the Queen B inevitably came up in the conversation.

"People keep bringing up the sister that I have no idea about," Solange joked. "I think it's a nasty, dirty rumor that I have a famous sister."

While Solange and older sister Beyonce are five years apart, Bey already had five Grammys by the time she was Solange's age.

In 2003, when Solange was releasing her first album at 16, Beyonce was making headlines for her relationship with Jay Z.

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In 2008, Solange divorced her husband, while Beyonce was getting married to Jay Z.

Check out the video for more of our throwback interviews of the siblings together.