Stars Tell Personal Stories in 'It Got Better'


The stars put it all out there in the new web series It Got Better, and we sat down with one of the creators, Dan Bucatinsky, who shared his own experience of coming out as a gay man.

"Deep down I knew I was gay my whole childhood, but I was sort of fighting it," said Dan. "I promised myself if I turned 18 and it turned out I was gay, I would kill myself."

Thankfully, Dan had people in his life to offer support.

"It was just the pressure I put on myself," said Dan. "I didn't want to kill myself, and I met other gay people, who suddenly made me feel like it was no big deal."

Dan is now happily married with two children.

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Jane Lynch, NBA player Jason Collins and Tim Gunn all told their stories for It Got Better, co-produced by Lisa Kudrow.

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