V. Stiviano Speaks Out in Emotional New Interview About Donald Sterling

V. Stiviano opens up to ET's Brooke Anderson about her relationship with L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

V. Stiviano has kept a relatively low profile since granting a sit-down to Barbara Walters about her relationship with disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and now she speaks out again in an emotional new interview with ET's Brooke Anderson.

The interview at times gets heated and touches on many topics, including questions for V. to clarify what type of relationship she had with Sterling. "I didn't have a specific position. I was his personal assistant, which entailed for me to do a number of things, a number of acts," she reveals. 

She adds: "Some days I would jump the fence so we can open the front door of a gate
so we can look at some real estate property. Other days I was at board
meetings. Other days I was at the game making sure he was looking fly
and cool on the floor."

Watch the video for more and tune in to ET tonight and Thursday for more of Brooke's interview with V. Stiviano.