Inside the Santa Barbara Killings (VIDEO)


The killings that took place in Santa Barbara, Calif. over the weekend have devastated the seaside community. A lone gunman, suspected to be 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, allegedly went on a homicidal rampage, murdering six innocent people and himself.

Rodger's three roommates were fatally stabbed in an apartment building while three more were shot to death near the campus of UC Santa Barbara. The suspected murderer was later found dead from what is believed to be a suicide.

ET was at the scene where the horrific incident took place, and spoke with those closest to the victims of the Saturday tragedy. "I'm still in shock," Jeff Dolphin, a former roommate and friend of Christopher Martinez who was killed in the shooting, told ET. "I still don't believe it, but I know it's true. I heard what happened at IV Deli but I didn't know it was Chris. ...I was just blown away by that."

Chris' father Richard Martinez broke down to the press, saying, "He was really loved by a lot of people."

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Alyssa Adams was in Pizza My Heart when "one of the fires ricocheted" by her feet. "I turned around and finally saw the rest of the store ducked cover, gone! I realized that this was for real."

Four were reportedly injured by Roger's car. One man "literally dodged a bullet." He told ET, "I just jumped off my skateboard and ran and hid here, behind this (points to car). I guess the guy was trying to get me because he shot the car too."

Rodger, whose father was in the film industry and served as a second-unit director on the 2012 film The Hunger Games, wrote a 137-page manifesto detailing his supposed reasons for wanting to kill. He also released a seven-minute YouTube video in which he detailed his plans for the murders.

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According to the suspected killer, it was his inability to form relationships or have sex with women that caused him to go on a rampage. However, many have pointed out his long history and battle with mental instability.

Rodger's family lawyer said that his parents notified authorities about the videos weeks ago, and said their son was in "multiple therapies."