Ricki Lake's Quest To Legalize Medical Marijuana


ET Special Correspondent Jay Williams sits down with Ricki Lake for a one-on-one interview about her new controversial documentary project, Weed The People, for which she also serves as Executive Producer.

Ricki is currently using her celebrity to get the word out about the film which chronicles the underground world of cannabis medicine and reveals the healing potential of the plant.

"I'm certainly not encouraging drug use," Ricki explains to Jay. "I am very clear I am not an expert, I am not a doctor. I am a mother and I'm someone who cares about people and I'm on this quest to learn more."

The project will also tell the story of new parents Tracy and Josh Ryan, who in July 2013, received the devastating news that their 8-month-old baby Sophie had an inoperable brain tumor. Tracy felt intuitively that western medicine alone would not be enough to save her daughter and after intensive research, the Ryans began Sophie on a regimen of medicinal cannabis oils. They have since learned that the tumor is actually dying and that there is no new growth.

"They are seeing unprecedented results using chemotherapy and cannabis at the same time," Ricki adds.

Still, Sophie's treatment is not legal on a federal level. Despite the fact that 21 states including Washington DC allow medical marijuana, there is still no accepted medical use. 

Ricki is putting a spotlight on the controversial treatment in the documentary and still working to get the film completed. Watch the video to learn more about Ricki's quest and learn how you can support the project by clicking here.