Charlize Theron Compares Media Intrusion of Celebs to Rape

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By CBS News

Charlize Theron has compared press intrusion into her private life as being like rape. The Oscar-winning actress -- who is promoting her new film -- A Million Ways to Die in the West -- made the comment during an interview with Britain's Sky News.

"I don't [Google myself]," she said, when told by the interviewer that he had conducted an internet search of her name before the interview. "That's my saving grace. I think it's when you start living in that world and doing that, you start feeling raped."

When asked if she feels that strongly about it, Theron added, "Well, you know when it comes to your son and your private life. Maybe that's just me. Some people might relish all that stuff but there are certain things in my life that I think of as very sacred and I am very protective over them."

She added: "I don't always win that war but as long as I don't have to see that stuff or read that stuff or hear that stuff then I can live with my head in a clear space, which is probably a lot healthier than living in that dark room."

In that same interview, the South African-born actress also said, "My job has made my life incredibly blessed and good and I am very grateful for that, but it does not mean that every aspect of my life all of a sudden becomes fodder for an article."

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