Oprah Tears Up While Talking About The Late Maya Angelou


Oprah Winfrey and the late Dr. Maya Angelou's friendship spanned decades, beginning all the way back in 1970 when the talk show host was working as a reporter in Baltimore.

Over the years, Oprah has referred to Maya as a "mother, sister, mentor, and friend." The 60-year-old is opening up to ET’s Nancy O’Dell for the first time since her friend’s passing last week.

"I have absolutely no regrets. Don't make me cry, Nancy," Oprah said as she began tearing up. "This is the first time I've spoken to anybody other than Gayle and Stedman about Maya's passing.  And I will have to tell you that it is so well with my soul.  I celebrated her life."

Oprah is currently in Georgia filming Selma, and said she spoke with her late friend for an hour before she left to begin shooting. The movie is about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s struggle to secure voting rights for everyone ... and has Maya's stamp of approval.

"She was so proud that I was doing this movie. And she said, 'Take it baby.  Take it all the way. Take it all the way,'" Oprah said about talking with Maya about the movie. "She was a part of the movement, worked with Martin Luther King, understood what we were trying to do with this film."

So, what were the last words Oprah said to Maya?

"Our last words were 'I love you, I love ya babe.' She said 'I love ya, babe,'" Oprah revealed. "There were no words left unsaid.  There is no experience or laughter or nothing was ever missing that I ever wanted to share or experience with her."

Check out this video to see more of ET's exclusive interview with Oprah about the late Maya Angelou.