Jonah Hill on His 'Tonight Show' Slur Apology


Jonah Hill skipped the red carpet for the 22 Jump Street premiere amid backlash following a homophobic slur he made recently, but ET Rocsi Diaz caught up with him to talk about his apology on The Tonight Show.

"I think the whole situation was and is heartbreaking and if anything I would like to let my mistake be a lesson to anyone who's feeling insecure at any moment and does something stupid and says something stupid," said Hill, who was recorded on video telling a paparazzo, "Suck my d**k, you fa***t."

On his Tonight Show appearance, Hill told Jimmy Fallon that the paparazzi were harassing him, insulting him and causing him to feel "genuinely hurt."

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"In response, I wanted to hurt him back, and I said the most hurtful word I could think of at that moment," the actor explained to Fallon. "I didn't mean this in the sense of the word, you know? I didn't mean it in a homophobic way."

He added, "That doesn't matter. How you mean things doesn't matter. Words have weight, and meaning. The word I chose was grotesque and no one deserves to say or hear words like that."

With that out of the way, Rocsi dove into the fun stuff -- gifts! Rocis brought Hill and co-star Channing Tatum some of their favorite things.

For Tatum -- cupcakes. For Hill -- Air Jordans.

"I'm only doing interviews with Entertainment Tonight from now on," Hill joked.

Hill has been used to winning over Tatum, as he wrote the movie and therefore was able to make some favorable choices for himself.

"When you write the movie you're like, 'One of us is going to join the football team. Which one of us should that be? Channing. Which one of us should get the girl? Maybe I'll take that one.'"

22 Jump Street hits theaters June 13.

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