Will Congressional Controversy Hurt Dr. Oz's Credibility?


Oprah calls him "America's Doctor," but is Dr. Oz's authority in jeopardy after he was attacked by Congress?

ET investigates the fallout from Dr. Oz's weight loss product controversy, in which the medical show host was grilled during a congressional hearing over his vocal endorsements of products – often calling them "miracle" drugs - that have not been proven to work.

Will the doctor's career be hurt by the controversy? PR consultant Howard Bragman is convinced it won't hurt him at all.

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"It's actually only going to effect the show positively," Bragman said. "Dr. Oz has a great deal more credibility than congress does right now."

What should Dr. Oz due in the future to move past this publicity embarrassment? Bragman has some advice for him.

"The one thing that he perhaps should do is tone down some of the… hyperbole, using words like 'miracle cure,'" Bragman suggested. "The writers come up with those kind of words for daytime TV. That's the way it works. But as a doctor, he has to be the final point to vet these kind of words and say, 'Let's tone it down a little.'"

Do you agree with Bragman's advice for Dr. Oz?

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