Steve Buscemi Learns Big Life Lessons In 'Park Bench' (WATCH)


Boardwalk Empire
's Steve Buscemi meditates daily, but is he doing it right? A Buddhist nun helps him out in this MUST-SEE Park Bench episode that unearths some simple secrets to a happy life.

After a tour of Himalayan art with Rubin Museum Program Director Tim McHenry, Buscemi sat down with Ani Trime Lhamo to learn how to be quiet, and just see what happens. "All that we are is a result of our thoughts," Lhamo tells the 56-year-old actor. "With our thoughts, we make our world. ...We live in our imagination."

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He adds, "There is no reality beyond our conscious mind. Everything else is a dream."

Watch the video for more lessons in kindness and meditation.