World Cup Conspiracy Theories: Is The USA Trying To Tie?


This Thursday the USA takes on Germany, and ET is getting to the bottom of the rumors that both teams are plotting to intentionally tie the game.

There are several reasons that these rumors have sprouted:

1. A tie would cause both teams to advance.

2. USA's coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, was born in Germany and is old friends with Germany's coach Franz Anton Beckenbauer.

3. There are five German citizens on the USA team.

Despite the gossip, USA's coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, insists that they will play hard. Fusion's Soccer Gods co-host Nando Vila agreed.

"It is tempting to think that they might agree on a draw, so that they both go through and everyone's happy, but there's just too much at stake," said Vila. "FIFA will be watching this game very closely for any foul play, so I think the teams just won't risk it."

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