Joe Manganiello is People's Hottest Bachelor!


Joe Manganiello gets a coveted new title.

True Blood hottie Joe Manganiello bares his amazing abs for People magazine's cover story this week, in which he's crowned People's Hottest Bachelor.

Manganiello, 37, shares his thoughts on love with the magazine, including the amazing advice comedian Chris Rock gave him.

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"I think the crazy love that you fall into in the beginning turns into 'like' and 'need.' Chris Rock told me that!" he shares. "He's like, 'Kid, you wanna get married? Listen, there's love, and you can feel love the first night, but that's not what it is. It's, 'I like you and I need you.'"

He also gets real about his appeal on women.

"I am part Sicilian. I am passionate. I am a hot-blooded person," he dishes. "If you don't like spicy, then maybe I'm not for you."

Though take note ladies – he is indeed a relationship-type guy.

"I'm at my best when I have someone to wake up next to," he admits.

What's next for Manganiello?

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The Magic Mike star makes his directorial debut with the new documentary La Bare, which delves into the lives of people at the legendary Dallas strip club of the same title.