Joan Rivers Officiates a Surprise Gay Wedding at Her NY Book Signing


By the power vested in her by the state of New York, comedian and author Joan Rivers officiated an impromptu gay wedding between two of her fans at her Barnes & Noble book signing of Diary of a Mad Diva in New York City on Monday.

Rivers, 81, was taking questions from her fans when Jed Ryan and Joe Aiello, a couple of three years, raised their hands and ask if the comic – who is an ordained minister capable of officiating weddings - would marry them right then and there.

It was a no-brainer for Rivers who quickly got them up on stage, had them hold hands, and then came up with some funny and touching vows on the spot.

"While we were waiting, we were reading the book," Aiello told ET. "She mentioned being an ordained minister, and I jokingly asked [Ryan], 'Do you think it's true? Maybe she'll marry us.' And he goes, 'Ask her.' So I did. I don't think he really thought I would, and neither one of us thought she'd say yes!"

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The ceremony was short, sweet and quite funny. After they said their versions of "I do", the couple kissed and a tearful Rivers applauded along with the rest of the packed audience.

Check out the video for a look at the surprise ceremony, and below for some pics by photographer Michael Sherer!

gay wedding
gay wedding