Police Confiscate 100 Lbs Of Fireworks From Flavor Flav's Holiday Party

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As it turns out, rapper Flavor Flav knows how to throw one wild Independence Day party, just not legally.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal
, the 55-year-old former Public Enemy hype man, best known for his affinity for giant time-keeping accessories and his 2006 VH1 reality dating show Flavor Of Love, was cited on Friday for using illegal fireworks outside his home in a gated community in Las Vegas Valley.

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According to reports, Flav has a long history of loving fireworks, often shooting off thousands of dollars in colorful explosives every Fourth of July, which doesn't go over well with the local Homeowners Association, or the police - as the use of fireworks is expressly prohibited.

This year, law enforcement arrived while the rapper was attempting to shoot off dozens of fireworks at once, allegedly in an attempt to get through them before authorities were called.

When the Metro PD arrived, they presented Flav with two fireworks-related citations and confiscated over 100 pounds of fireworks that had yet to be set off.

According to police, there were so many fireworks taken from Flav's Fourth of July party that a special bomb disposal unit needed to be called in to safely destroy them.

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According to the rapper himself, the party was a fairly low-key event with only around 110 people, which was smaller than celebrations in the past.

Flav has said that in the future, he will take his Independence Day celebration to a different neighborhood because he doesn't "want to go to jail for fireworks."

Last year, he was forced to move the location of his party after news broke that he had bought over $8,000 in fireworks, prompting police to warn him that if he set them off they would arrest him.