Justin Theroux Reveals His Pet Peeves

Interview Magazine

If you're the casual dresser type, Justin Theroux is not the guy for you.

Jennifer Anniston must always be dressed to the nines to keep her guy happy. The Leftovers star revealed his pet peeves to Interview magazine, and they single out quite a few styles. "Sandals really bum me out. I don't want to see feet. A strapless shoe can look sexy on a girl, but anything that exposes a man's feet is," he says of his preferences. "Also sweatpants are disgusting. Slow walkers I don't like."

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Though you may seem him strolling the streets of New York City from time to time, Theroux admits he's a fan of the West Coast. "I like all the cliches. I mean, I love someone (Aniston) who lives in Los Angeles--so that's a big draw. But I love the weather. It does feel like a slightly healthier lifestyle, being able to hike and do all that crap."

Do you agree with Justin's pet peeves and views of L.A.?