LeBron James Heads Back To Cleveland, Wants People to Like Him Again

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UPDATE: LeBron made the announcement via Sports Illustrated that he is returning to Cleveland. Now, this isn't undeniable proof that our thesis about LeBron is correct, but in the article, he did have this to say: "My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now."

Oh, come on! This announcement is basically LeBron James standing outside of Cleveland's window with a boombox and a love song. What do you say, Cleveland? Do you "FOR6IVE" him?

The NBA world was at a standstill
 as it awaited "Decision 2.0" from legendary forward and future Hall of Famer, LeBron James. Everyone wanted to know where King James would land, and that's important, but we actually had a different question....

How're you feeling, LeBron?

Look -- who knows what causes pro-NBA players to make their decisions (probably millions and millions of dollars), but it's safe to say that tweets like this would might bum a guy out from time to time.

And that photo above? That looks like the photo of a man who is dealing with a lot right now.

Really, who can blame him? With this big decision on his shoulders, after losing the NBA Finals, not to mention people tweeting things like this about him:

This isn't to say that LeBron doesn't have a lot to be happy about (re: millions and millions of dollars), but hey, LeBron is a person too, guys. And he has feelings just like we do!

Hopefully LeBron finds the organization he needs in the Cleveland Cavaliers. But hey, if he also needs a hug, hopefully he finds that too.

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