Did Selena Gomez Post Her Nip Slip To Instagram?


On Wednesday, the sexy Spring Breakers star rocked a revealing black lacy top that may have accidentally revealed a little more than she meant for it to when she snapped an Instagram pic of her and her friends, and it looks like her nipple may have made a cameo appearance.

No one's sure if she meant to post the pic or not, but she quickly deleted it after it went up, which is probably a good sign that it was one of those unfortunate mistakes. Like when you text a nude selfie to your dad. 

But recently, the star has seemed pretty enamored with her own impressive breasts, as she was just seen the day before strolling down the street and flaunting her total lack of a bra in a semi-see-through black shirt.

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In fact, her chest looked so good many began speculating that she had a boob job. However, E! has reported that a source close to the singer says that isn't true, meaning her breasts just naturally look that good.

Boob job or no boob job, intentional or unintentional nip slip pics, Selena is a gorgeous 21-year-old woman with a lot of talent living in the city that never sleeps, and we have to give her credit for just rocking her sexiness her own way.