9 Reasons Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Are Awesome Together So Shut Up, Everyone

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This means we probably won't live out our lifelong fantasy of making out with this particular Mouseketeer, and that's okay.

Hey girl, there are reports that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are having a baby. It's time to stop hating, admit they are awesome together and move on. To help you cope, here are nine reasons they are right for each other.

1. They're So Pretty

Yes, Ryan Gosling looks like this:

That is just one of the many reasons we love him. Also, Eva Mendes looks like this:

So pretty.

2. They've Done It Before (Sorta)

Gosling and Mendes acted together in The Place Beyond The Pines, and they were amazing as an estranged couple who share a kid. Plus, they were in the Drunk History Christmas Special together.

3. They're On That Same Path

They both like acting in intelligent dramas (Ryan in things like Drive and Eva in things like Training Day), they are both good in comedies (Eva in things like The Other Guys and Ryan in things like Crazy, Stupid Love) and they have both had some… missteps (Eva in The Spirit or Hitch and Ryan in NOTHING BECAUSE HE IS PERFECT.)

Also, they both started their careers in low-budget forgettable horror films. Eva's debut was in Children Of The Corn 5 and Ryan's was Frankenstein And Me. Might as well have a baby.

4. They Both Have 35 Acting Credits On IMDb

While it's not immediately clear what this has to do with their compatibility, it has to mean SOMETHING!

5. They Both Have Faces That Go Well Together

Look what happens when you plug their faces into a totally legit and absolutely scientific web program that will tell you what your kid will look like when he or she is your age.

See? Just look how well their faces go together in this 1000% perfect, scientifically sound morphing model.

6. They Both Came From Humble Backgrounds

Both of them have earned their success the old fashioned way, through hard work and being ridiculously good looking. Ryan's father was a traveling salesman and his mother was a teacher, while Eva's dad ran a meat distribution company and her mother worked in the aerospace industry.

7. They Both Love Dogs

At least their baby is going to have a fluffy cuddle companion! Both Ryan and Eva absolutely love their dogs. Ryan even brought his on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

As for Eva, she brings her dog everywhere. To get her hair done, to the gym, to appointments. And the thing is huge too.

With a dog like that a baby will be easy!

8. They Share Similar Interests

Both Ryan and Eva don't just love their dogs, they love ALL animals, and have both worked with PETA. Ryan has written letters on PETA's behalf in an attempt to get farmers to stop dehorning cows, and Eva went nude for PETA's "Fur? I'd Rather Go Naked" campaign.

9. Come On Now, We Weren’t Going To Have Ryan Gosling's Baby Anyway

The cold hard reality is… we weren't going to have his baby anyway. It's hard to accept that, but once you do it will be easier to just let yourself get over it.

Then you can start focusing on how to seduce Joe Manganiello. We just read how he's People's Hottest Bachelor, so it's not like he's dating anyone ridiculously attractive right?