Sarah Michelle Gellar Working At A Lemonade Stand

Getty Images

In May, Sarah Michelle Gellar's CBS sitcom The Crazy Ones was cancelled, and now - according to a photo she posted on twitter - the TV star is so broke, she needs to work at a lemonade stand. Or, maybe it's just a cute picture she posted on Twitter.

Yeah, okay, seems like it's probably just a cute photo.

No prices are indicated, but given the exquisite workmanship on the stand itself and the fact that the lemonade is served in actual glasses means you're probably looking at $4-6 per cup. The cookies in that little basket are probably only a dollar each. Or two for a dollar if you also get a cup of lemonade, one would assume.

Many of her fans and followers are asking where the stand is located, and also suggesting that she mix it with booze. However, as a word of caution for anyone else starting a lemonade stand, selling liquor without a license is not only a violation of the business and professions code section 25657-25667, but is also a criminal offense.

Have fun Sarah! And depending on where that stand is located, pay attention to your county construction ordinances and make sure that thing is up to code!

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