Bethenny Frankel Causes Controversy By Wearing 4-Year-Old Daughter's Pajamas


This can't be age appropriate!

This can't be age appropriate! Bethenny Frankel posted an Instagram pic of her wearing her four-year-old daughter Bryn Hoppy's Hello Kitty pajamas, and the Skinnygirl mogul's followers didn't take too kindly to the pic.

On Sunday, July 13, the 43-year-old former Real Housewives of New York City star wrote: "This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?"

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The post garnered over 545 comments by Monday morning, many touting that the Naturally Thin author was sending a bad message to her young daughter. "This makes me sick to my stomach!!! #eatsomething," one commenter wrote.

Another message read: "I would just caution doing this as she gets more impressionable. She needs to develop a healthy self-image because she may not have all of your genes…and it won't be obvious to you, but it will look as though you are competing with her."

"Starting a complex early for your daughter," a commenter added of the pic.

Frankel reacted to a few of the comments, writing: "When ur 4 year old peanut says 'mommy please put my dress on' & giggles uncontrollably, u do what ur told. @Squirrely007."

An hour later, she wrote: "BREAKING NEWS! World Scandal: Former reality star, failed talk show host & cocktail maven jokes by wearing her kids' pjs! #itcantbetrue."

Do you think Frankel's Instagram pic is inappropriate?